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Am I eligible?

Before you apply, check that you meet the eligibility requirements.

  • You are over 18 years old.
  • You have a Valid UK VISA for 6+ Months.
  • You don't already have a sole or joint SBI UK .
  • You have a Valid Indian Passport.

If all of these statements are correct, you can apply for our Namaste UK Account.

Features & Benefits

SBI UK allows you to open a Namaste UK Account from India before arriving to the UK.

At a glance:

  • Access your money instantly – no notice period or withdrawal penalty.
  • Easily manage your savings account online using Internet and Mobile banking.
  • Boost your savings with monthly interest and great rates.
  • Access your savings anywhere with an international Debit Card 1
  • Withdraw funds for free at UK ATMs and State Bank ATMs in India2
  • Transfer money to India whenever you like, for free3.

1 Charges and fees apply, find out more at

2 Card accepted in all ATMs displaying a MasterCard logo.

3 Provided the minimum balance is maintained in your account.

Product Summary:

  • Deposit maximum up to £5,000 before coming to the UK.
  • Must be opened using YONO SBI UK Mobile App.
  • Account will be in Debit freeze and can be activated at any SBI UK branch.
  • This service is available only for Indian citizens migrating to UK from India having Biometric Residency Permit1.
  • Unlimited Withdrawals & Deposit once in the UK and account is activated2.

Terms and Condition

Account name Namaste UK Account
Interest rates For current interest rates visit:
Tax status All the interest we pay you, on or after 6 April 2016 will be without any tax deducted i.e. paid at gross rate. If the total amount of interest you receive exceeds any Personal Savings Allowance to which you are entitled, it is your responsibility to ensure this tax is paid.
Account Activation To activate the account please visit to any nearest SBI UK branch with the attached list of documents in original –
  • Indian Passport
  • Biometrics Residence Permit
  • UK Address Proof:
  • Any one of the following documents –
  • Bank attested Account statement (within the last 3 months) , issued by an FCA regulated financial sector firm in the UK, EU or comparable jurisdiction.
  • Full/provisional UK driving license.
  • Utility bills (within the last 3 months excluding those printed off the internet) giving evidence of a physical address from a reputed company, such as landline phone, landline cable, gas and electricity bills. Please note that mobile phone bills are excluded.
  • Tenancy agreement from Council/Housing Association. The tenancy period should be for a minimum period of three months. Private tenancy agreements are not accepted.
  • Online Banking Statements are accepted if downloaded from Customer Bank Portal/On-line Banking Portal on branch computer in the presence of Personal Banker by the account holder him/herself & shared to official e-mail I'd of the Assistance Manager/Business Manager.
Conditions for bonus payable There is no bonus available on this account.
Withdrawal arrangements There is no notice period or penalty for withdrawal.
Access Online, Branch and Call Centre

Customer Namaste UK Account will change into any of the two accounts from below, depending upon Customer VISA status once they reach UK.

Though customer can transfer or open any other offered account/ service once the Namaste UK Account has been activated after reaching UK subject to eligibility of the respective account.

Terms and Conditions Instant Access Saving Account International Student Account
Cash Deposit Unlimited Maximum of £ 500 Per month
Transfer In (FPS/Remittances) Unlimited Unlimited
Transfer Out (Online) Unlimited Single transaction limit £5,000 Quarterly total limit £10,000
Branch Transfer (except Cash deposit) Any amount Unlimited
Access In branch and online. In branch and online.

1 Statement of Digital Banks cannot be accepted.

2 At the discretion of Bank

How to apply

It's quick and easy to apply. Before you do ,check you are eligible for this account

Now check which documents you'll need and complete our application form.

Check which documents you'll need >



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