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State Bank of India, UK is inviting Courier Companies to provide the courier services to our main corporate office at 15 King Street, Retail operations Bishopgate & Harrow and retail branches. Tenders to bid ‘SBI UK Courier services’.


The Particulars in the tender



1st 0.5 kilo

Every additional 0.5kilo



1st 0.5 Kilo

Ever additional 0.5 kilo


Rest of the world



Zone 2


Zone 4

Zone 5


Zone 7

Zone 8

1st 0.5 kg









Addl. 0.5 kg










List of Branches

1.          SBI  Bishopsgate

2.         SBI  Coventry

3.         SBI  East Ham

4.         SBI  Golders Green

5.         SBI  Harrow

6.         SBI  Hounslow

7.         SBI  Ilford

8.         SBI  Leicester

9.         SBI  Manchester

10.       SBI  Southall

11.       SBI  Wolverhampton

12.        SBI  Harrow Retail Back office

13.       SBI Birmingham

14.        SBI King Street (Main Branch)


Bids: Tenders are to be submitted in sealed envelopes, marked ‘Private and confidential’ mentioning ‘SBI UK Courier services’ and to be sent to Head GB and Admin, State Bank of India, 3rd floor, 15 King Street, London, EC2V 8EA.

Contact details: Head, General Banking and Administration, State Bank of India, 3rd floor, 15 King Street, London, EC2V 8EA. Tel: 0207 367 1224, Email:


Closing date for bids/quotations: 4.00pm on Friday 29th Jan 2021.



State Bank of India

Retail branch tender

Main Contractors Tender Invitation


The State Bank of India UK wish to refurbish the existing East Ham branch (currently closed not trading) as soon as possible, therefore you are invited to submit a Main Contractors tender for the complete strip out and refurbishment of this retail unit to form a refreshed SBI branch.

Location – 149-153 High Street North, East Ham, London E6 1HZ

To comply with the Bank’s internal Corporate Governance the Project must be competitively tendered, with the bids being returned directly to the Bank in sealed envelopes and opened in a formal committee meeting (Not by email please).



1. Tender Period – Issue of documents on 21st December with returns by

5pm Wednesday 8th January 2021, the chosen contractor will then be initially appointed by a Letter of Intent

2. Tender Format – Sealed envelope ONLY marked Part A – To contain a) Phased Programme b) Contractors Design Proposals c) HVAC, Plumbing, Power, Containment & Lighting Design Proposals d) Project delivery structure e) Company brochure / Examples of previous work

3. Tender Format – Sealed envelope ONLY marked Part B – To contain a) Pricing Schedule document hard copy ie as issued Scope of Works document fully priced b) Signed Form of Tender



Tenders will be evaluated based on the ‘Code of Procedures for Single Stage Selective Tendering 1996’ Section 6, Alternative 2.

Tenders must be submitted directly to the Client and should bear no marking which indicate that the tender package has been sent by you. The tender return address is:


FAO: Chief Operating Officer

State Bank of India

4th Floor

15 King Street




Please note the Client's specific requirements for tender returns; these will be opened in two parts and should be submitted in two separate envelopes marked 'Part A' and 'Part B'. Part A must only contain the technical elements of the tender as scheduled in the preliminaries, with Part B containing only the commercial figures for the project.







FIRM PRICE TENDER – Assumptions, Budgets, Prime Costs, Provisional Sums and Contingency Sums


1. The contractor is to use the available documentation and instructions to produce a firm price, allow for necessary costs to ensure compliance with the concept design intent (look, feel, materials) and allow sufficient labour and materials to fully build the project at appropriate cost

2. It is understood that some assumptions will need to be made by the Contractor and some budget costing will need to be included

3. The contractor will also need to allow for fabrication design and drawings of bespoke items either internally or as part of a sub-contracted element

4. Therefore the tender price must not include CONTRACTORS identified Provisional Sums or Provisional Cost Sums, these are to be replaced with the contractors own budget figure for the item that shall be treated as a firm price

5. Where specific products are selected, suppliers or sub-contractors named within the enclosed documents the contractor must use these suppliers when pricing and carrying out the works





1. The project will be let on a JCT Design & Build 2011 contract with amendments

2. Payment terms will be fortnightly valuation, certified by the appointed Project Manager with Invoice payments made by SBI no later than 7 days from invoice submission – retention will be 5% reducing to 2.5% at the end of the project until 12 months defect are completed

3. Following tender submissions SBI shall undertake an analysis of the commercial figures together with the contractors design proposals and issue a report from internal budgetary approval. SBI budgetary approval should take between approximately one week

4. Once SBI budgetary approval is achieved, SBI will interview the chosen Contractor immediately, depending upon COVID Tier restriction this may carried out as a video link on Zoom. Issue a letter of intent will be quickly afterwards to enable the Contractor to make an on-site start with a limited lead in period (as short as possible)

5. The contractor is to determine the actual duration of the project; SBI wish to complete the project asap and be open fully operational for 17th February 2021

6. SBI have completed a branches in the new concept style in Ilford, Hounslow & Harrow addresses are within the SOW, it is critical and a condition of this tender that the Contractor visits at least one of these premises before submitting their tender


Please acknowledge receipt of this letter and enclosures, and confirm that you will be able to submit a bona-fide Tender in accordance herewith for the project and that you are able to comply with the programme requirements.

1. Tender Invitation

2. NBS Specification draft

3. Pricing Scope of Works

4. Architectural Layout Drawing and typical details

5. Mechanical & Electrical Employer requirements

6. Mechanical & Electrical drawings and specifications

7. Concept Visuals

8. Pre-Construction Information

9. Form of Tender

10. Landlords Requirements

Should you have any queries or require further information regarding the technical aspects of the projects or this tender, please contact our Project Manager David Macdonald on 07866 637837



1. It is critical to SBI that once you’re tender has been submitted in the format above, you email an open spreadsheet copy (ie not a pdf) of the full SOW to our Project Manager immediately following the tender submission deadline. This will enable the Project Manager to review the submissions and complete a report analysis swiftly with recommendations for subsequent SBI approval.










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