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State Bank of India, UK is inviting tenders to bid to upgrade the existing smoke detectors to New S quad devices at our corporate office 15-17 King Street, London, EC2V 8EA.


The Particulars in the tender are as follows: -

15-17 King Street London EC2V 8EA sites consist of 8 floors.

New S quad devices


Quantity Part Number Description



16.00 S3-S-R S3 Sounder/Red Body (1)

2.00 S4-720 S-QUAD HEAT

4.00 S4-780- S S4 Heat Sensor Sounder

87.00 S4-770- S S4 OH Sensor Sounder




Bidders need to fill the contractor Appraisal questionnaire as well prior to the bid. The link can be opened here

Bids: Tenders and questionnaire are to be submitted along with case studies in sealed envelopes, marked ‘Private and confidential’ mentioning ‘Upgrading of Smoke Detectors to be sent to Chief Operating Officer SBI UK, State Bank of India, 4th floor, 15 King Street, London, EC2V 8EA.



Should you have any queries related this, please contact Jogi Seth

Contact details- 0207 367 1224, email:


Closing date for bids/quotations: 12.00pm on 13th October 2020



State Bank of India UK is inviting offers for a Project Management role, in connection to the Fit Out and up gradation works for its existing Retail Branch in East Ham, London.

  1. The details/indicative scope of works to be carried out are as below:
  1. The area of the existing unit is spread over ground floor and is approximately 2,100 sq. ft.
  2. The existing unit will be reconfigured and updated to include Safe deposit room for 500 to 1,000 lockers.
  3. The initial number of officials who will work in the proposed new unit will be between 9 to 10 staff members.
  4. The works are to be completed before 31 December 2020
  5. The design and template of the existing branch will be based on the existing branch designs
  6. Payments will be stage payments as follows:
  1. 25% on instruction;
  2. 25% at start on site;
  3. 25% at the midpoint of the construction works; and
  4. the balance at Practical Completion;

subject to a 10% retention payable at the expiry of the Defects Rectification Period under the building contract.

  1. The key criteria and requirements expected from the selected Project Manager are:
  1. Provide a full service from inception (understanding, developing and defining the Brief) to completion (handing over the completed unit) within the programme
  2. Close liaison with functionaries of the Bank
  3. Check that applications for statutory consents are submitted in accordance with the programme. Check compliance with all relevant statutory requirements throughout the Project including, but not limited to, Health & Safety, Planning and Building Regulations.
  4. Establish an Auditable project, for example, by taking and circulating minutes of all project meetings.
  1. The deliverables of the Project Manager are:
  1. Discuss and establish the Bank’s requirements relating to space, function, operation, quality, timing and budget
  2. Develop a Project programme for the planning/concept, detail design development and construction phases of the Project, recording principal activities and critical dates including deadlines for sign-off of each phase, timing of statutory requirements, pre-tender, tender, pre-construction and post construction activities
  3. Develop a pricing schedule and establish cost management procedures and reporting systems, including in respect of change management, Bank instructions and approvals
  4. Identify items to be supplied by the Bank with appropriate lead in times
  5. Undertake space audits and initiate meetings to gather all relevant information and details prior to preparation of a Scope of Works document including Specifications where necessary
  6. Produce a General Arrangement drawing, sketches and CAD drawings for discussion with, review and approval by the Bank
  7. Undertake site visits, and throughout the construction period ensure that site visits are conducted at least [once per week] and at such other times as circumstances reasonably require to ensure that work is undertaken in accordance with the agreed Scope of Works/Specifications and that it meets the Bank’s requirements
  8. Attend meetings with the Bank at no extra cost and provide regular reports to the Bank on progress
  9. Advise the Bank on appropriate tendering, contractual and insurance arrangements in connection with the Building Contract and any specialist sub-contracts (including Mechanical and Electrical sub-contracts) to be awarded for the construction of the works. Assist in the selection and vetting of contractors and specialist sub-contractors. Issue Pre-Qualification Questionnaire to each Contractor if necessary. Arrange financial checks on tenderers where requested.
  10. Review above PQQ return
  11. Prepare tender documents in accordance with the programme and tender the Scope of Works/Specifications to the selected Contractors
  12. Co-ordinate the response to tender enquiries as they may arise
  13. Assist the Bank in analysing tenders and check Contractor’s proposals for compliance with Tender documentation. Interview shortlisted Contractors
  14. Issue a Full Tender Analysis Report including recommendation of Contractor and the preparation, issuance and appropriate form of JCT Building Contract (with any project specific amendments).
  15. Prepare a Project risk register detailing as a minimum the severity of the risks and the time frame and method for closing them out. Monitor and update it on a regular basis and ensure that it is included in the progress reports
  16. Negotiate the contract sum with the Contractor
  17. Examine the Contractor's Proposals and report to the Bank as to their compliance with the Employer's Requirements. Subject to the Bank's instructions, negotiate amendments to the Contractor's Proposals to maintain compliance with the Employer's Requirements.
  18. Take all reasonable measures to check that planning requirements are implemented and fully incorporated into the designs
  19. Assist the Bank to appoint the most suitable Contractor. Before the award of the Building Contract, check that the Contractor has in place the insurances to be maintained by the Contractor under the terms of the Building Contract. Prepare and arrange for execution of the Building Contract.
  20. Establish and maintain project management procedures and lines of communication for the exchange of information as between the respective consultants, contractors and sub-contractors and others concerned in the Project
  21. Manage any change control procedure agreed for the Project and report on the same
  22. Produce a Pack of information (including drawings and any Scope of Work/Specifications) for the Bank to issue to the Landlord for Landlords Approval
  23. Check compliance with the requirements of the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015
  24. Ensure that quality of construction is maintained throughout and monitor the Contractor’s progress against the programme to keep the Project on time and ensure it is delivered in line with Bank’s expectations
  25. Report any actual or potential delays and cost increases and advise as to measures to avoid or reduce them
  26. Liaise with all relevant utility companies relating to services connections, sub-stations, existing services, services diversions and similar matters
  27. Act as the Bank's Project Manager / Employer's Agent / Contract Administrator as appropriate
  28. Review the Contractor’s applications for payment. Prepare and issue Valuations and make appropriate recommendations to the Bank for either payment or issue of a payless notice
  29. Undertake a Measured Site Survey to check that the works have been constructed in accordance with the approved drawings
  30. At Practical Completion see that all appropriate inspections, full commissioning of all services and operational tests are completed. Inspect the works and issue the Practical Completion Certificate, if appropriate
  31. Arrange for handover of the premises after Practical Completion is certified
  32. Arrange for operating and maintenance manuals, test certificates, the health and safety file, records and guarantees to be passed to the Bank together with ‘as built’ drawings
  33. Manage all remedial works during the Defects Liability Period and ensure that all defects are remedied to the satisfaction of the Bank.
  34. Issue Certificate of Making Good Defects at the end of Defects Liability Period and negotiate the settlement of the final account and certify the release of any retention to the Contractor in accordance with the Building Contract.


  1. Please provide the details of insurance cover available to your firm for your professional liabilities, including professional indemnity insurance, appropriate to the Project. Also to provide case studies of previous works undertaken including CV and any appropriate certifications carried out.


  1. In view of the Bank being incorporated in India, in addition to the code of ethics laid down by Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and the guidelines of the Joint Contracts Tribunal Ltd. (JCT 2011) with which you are required to comply, you will also be required to comply with the guidelines laid down by the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC), Government of India.


  1. Quotations: To be submitted in Sealed Envelopes marked ‘Private and Confidential’ East Ham Project Manager tender and to be sent to Chief Operating Officer, 4th Floor, State Bank of India, 15 King Street, London, EC2V 8EA.


  1. Contact details: Rajmohan Ramadass, Manager Financial Services, 4th Floor, State Bank of India, 15 King Street, London, EC2V 8EA. Tel: 0207 454 4431


8. Closing date: 12 pm on 15 September 2020


State Bank of India, UK is inviting quotations for the appointment of an insurance broker to act on its behalf in connection with the forthcoming insurance renewal, pertaining to SBI UK Operations and subsidiary, which is due to expire in November 2020.


The objective of this project is to restrict any insurance premium increases at review and to make savings for the Bank without compromising on the cover provided by the policies.


The tender is for Professional insurance policies as follows:




1. Comprehensive Crime

2. Professional Indemnity

3. Directors and Officers Liability

4. Pension Trustee Liability

5. Money Policy


Quotations: Fixed fee premiums for the above insurance policies

Bids: Tenders are to be submitted in Sealed Envelopes, marked ‘Private and Confidential’ mentioning ‘Professional Insurance’ and to be sent to Chief Operating Officer, State Bank of India, 4th floor, 15 King Street, London, EC2V 8EA.

Broker Requirements: All responding brokers should be FCA registered and carry a minimum of £20,000,000 Professional Indemnity insurance.

Insurers: All insurers approached should be of strong reputation and carry a minimum credit rating of A-

Contact details: Rajmohan Ramadass, Manager Financial Services, State Bank of India, 4th floor, 15 King Street, London, EC2V 8EA. Tel: 0207 454 4431 Email:

Closing date: 12 pm on Friday 31 October 2020


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