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In romantic frauds, victims are tricked into giving money to scammers who go to tremendous measures to win their confidence and pretend to be in a real relationship. They deceive, convince, and take advantage of others using language so that pleas for money do not raise red flags. Some of these requests—such as when offenders say they need money for emergency medical attention or to cover the cost of transportation to see the victim if they are abroad—may be quite sentimental. Over time, scammers frequently establish a rapport with their victims.

Warning signs that a friend or relative is a potential victim of a romance scam:
-    They could be exceedingly cautious about their partnership or offer justifications for why their virtual partner hasn't made a video call or seen them in person.
-    Asking them any questions about their spouse could make them unpleasant or upset, and they might stop talking.
-    They could show intense feelings of devotion and passion to someone they've just recently met.
-    They have transferred or intend to transfer funds to an individual they haven't personally met. To transmit money, they could take out loans or take a pension withdrawal.

How people can avoid falling into romance scams:
-    Any requests for money from someone you have never met in person should raise suspicions, especially if you have only recently connected online.
-    Consult with your loved ones or friends for guidance.
-    Investigate first; profile pictures might not be real. You can locate images that were captured by someone else by using a search engine's reverse image search. 
-    Verify the legitimacy of individuals through online searches, including their name, frequently used terms, and profile picture. 
-    Report suspicions to platforms or authorities. 
-    Educate oneself and loved ones about common scam tactics. 
-    Encourage open communication and reporting of suspicious activities.
Do not:
-    Give them any cash you have.
-    Permit them to get into your bank account.
-    Send money in their place.
-    Get a loan approved for them.
-    Give copies of your identification documents, such as your driver's licence or passport.
-    Invest your own funds on their recommendation or on their behalf.
-    Obtain and distribute the codes on Amazon or iTunes gift cards.
-    Agree to accept and/or ship packages (such as computers and cell phones) on their behalf.

Being aware of romance fraud tactics, prioritizing caution, and maintaining open communication are essential in protecting oneself and loved ones from falling victim to online scams.

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