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SBI UK Mastercard

SBI UK Mastercard

Safe,Simple Account with SBI UK

SBI UK MasterCard

In the UK, the State Bank of India debit card is available with current accounts and the Instant Access Savings Account1 – which offers an attractive interest rate and free money transfers to India2. You also benefit from:

  • Free cash withdrawals from any ATM displaying the MasterCard logo1


In India, you benefit from:

  • Free cash withdrawals from over 40,000 SBI ATMs
  • Attractive exchange rates on Rupee withdrawals


For reporting lost or stolen cards:

  • Please call us on 0800 532 532 to block the card by providing your card / account number, name and SBI UK branch name
  • If calling from outside UK, please contact us on 0044 207 454 4338


For more information, please call 0800 532 532 or visit your nearest branch.

Contact centre is now open 24/7.

¹Free cash withdrawals from SBI ATMs in India & UK ATMs with the MasterCard logo. Charges apply for international transactions.
²Transactions are free for account holders who maintain their minimum monthly balance in accordance with the terms and conditions of their account. Otherwise charges apply.

Your State Bank of India debit card is accepted at millions of locations all over the world. Just look for the MasterCard logo.

Accepted Not Accepted
  • Over 70,000* ATMs‡ in the UK
  • Over 968,250 merchant locations in the UK
  • Over 43,000* State Bank group ATMs in India
  • Petrol stations across the UK (counter only)
  • Online transactions ONLY IF card registered for MasterCard SecureCode® AND merchant mandates SecureCode.
  • 35.9 million locations worldwide including 2.1 million ATMs.
  • Paying at unmanned petrol pumps
  • Mail order transactions
  • Telephone transactions
  • Online transactions if merchant does not mandate SecureCode
How to start using your contactless SBI Debit MasterCard®
  • On receipt of the card, please sign at the back of the card immediately.
  • Call our helpline number 0800 532 532 (Monday to Friday 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM) to confirm the receipt of the card and for your PIN to be sent out.
  • Once you receive your PIN, you must first use your SBI Debit MasterCard® at an ATM. It is not necessary to withdraw cash, even balance enquiry or pin change is fine.
  • Now the card is ready for use to make CHIP and PIN or contactless transactions.
  • Using your card for online shopping
  • You can register your card for MasterCard Secure Code, while performing the first online transaction with your SBI UK debit card.
Things to remember
  • You can withdraw up to a maximum of £300 on a daily basis from an ATM machine using your SBI Debit MasterCard®. The daily transaction limit from your card or the card number at POS terminal or online is £5,000 subject to there being sufficient balance in your account.
  • When you use your debit card abroad to pay for goods and services, or to withdraw cash at ATM machines, we will convert the payment or withdraw in a currency other than sterling into sterling at rates determined by us or MasterCard®.
  • Free cash withdraws at over 40,000 SBI ATMs across India
  • Cash withdraws from State Bank of India ATMs are free, the cash withdrawal will be converted to sterling at the prevailing rate.
  • Also free cash withdrawals from all ATMs displaying the MasterCard® logo in the UK
  • Accepted at over 33 million locations worldwide.

To report your card lost or stolen, please call us straight away on:

  • 0800 532 532

Please have your account number to hand.

About contactless technology
  • What is contactless?
    Contactless is a new payment function for transactions of up to £30. You can pay for your goods simply by touching the card reader.
  • What are its benefits?
    It’s quick, convenient and saves you time- there’s no need to rummage around for the right amount of change, or enter your PIN for most of your contactless transactions.
  • Is paying in this new way secure?
    Contactless uses the latest secure MasterCard® technology required by the payment industry. And, in the unlikely event that it is lost or stolen, your card  also has protection against fraud loss- providing you take the kind of precautions we recommend and you let us know as soon as you realise you no longer have it.
  • Where can you use it?
    You can use your SBI Debit MasterCard® abroad including contactless payment, you will be charged if contactless transactions are made outside the UK as per the terms and conditions. For a full list of all the places where you can use contactless, including your local retailers, visit
How contactless technology works
  • Look out for the contactless symbol in shops, stores and restaurants.
  • When your’re ready to pay just touch your card to the reader, and payment will be complete in less than a second.
  • The contactless card reader will confirm that your transaction is complete, and you can get going.

*Data accurate as of June 2016

‡Out of these about 90-95% are bank-owned ATMs and SBI UK card usage is FREE in bank-owned ATMs in the UK

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